White Label SEO Onboarding

  • It is important to list those with whom you are directly competing, not necessarily those who are the industry leaders. For example: if you are a small shipping company, do not list UPS and FedEx, but instead list "Bob's Delivery Service" that is in your town.
  • These keywords will help give us a starting point in our keyword research, but they may not included in the final list of keywords.
  • These locations should be terms that are commonly used to search in your area, such as the town, region, or metro area. For example: People in NW Indiana refer to it, and search for, "NWI mechanic" or "NWI plumber" instead of naming their specific town.
  • It's important to be very clear to users when they arrive on a page what it is that you'd like for them to do. For example, learn more, call us, request more information, make a purchase, etc..
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.