Is it Worth it for My Business to Have a Website?

Nowadays, not having a website can be detrimental to a business, but that’s not always the case. I’m going to use an example of a fruit stand and a homemade jam business to help show how a website can be helpful to different businesses in different ways.

Can your product be sold online?

If you’re selling fruit at a fruit stand, you don’t need a website with a store. You can’t ship it, so if that were the only factor, you wouldn’t need a website. On the flip side, if you’re selling homemade jams, you could package and ship those all over, so having a website could be crucial to growth and helping you reach more people than just those in your local area.

Do you have a physical location?

The homemade jams are being made from home, so this point wouldn’t apply to them. But the fruit stand has a small storefront, so it would apply there. The fruit stand wouldn’t need anything fancy on their website, but having one that showed where they’re located, what they sell, and their prices would be great to help get more customers to their stand.

Do you run sales or specials?

Having a website is a great place to post sales for current customers and potential customers. This would be valuable for both the fruit stand and the homemade jams. Never underestimate the value of a good sale.

Do you host or go to events?

The fruit stand probably wouldn’t, but the lady selling homemade jams may travel to local trade shows. Having a website to tell where she’ll be when would be great for current customers to see. Also, if she finds customers at her trade shows, she can direct them to her website to order more jam once they’ve finished their jars.

Do you need more customers?

This may seem like a silly question, but if you aren’t looking to grow your business or attract more clients, then you generally don’t need a website. Of course, if you’re wanting to grow and attract more business, a website is a great asset to have to do so.

No matter what product you sell or service you provide, websites can be helpful in different ways to different businesses, so utilize your website to the best of your ability to ensure the best outcome for you and your business.

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